Maker Measured is an interactive dashboard that allows sewists (and other makers) to identify which patterns will fit their measurements. Its aim was to make the process of finding patterns in your size easier

I had hoped to create this site during lockdown last year but I was unable to create a dashboard to the standard I wanted without rebuilding it from scratch. So instead I’m making this data available for free so you create your own charts and reference as needed.

Some caveats on this data set

This data was manually collected back in May 2020. I’ve tried to update it throughout this year but I know that some of the details are now out of date. As this was manually collected you might find some small errors, please let me know if you find any and I will correct them. You can access the file via the download button below.

As I know the dataset might be unusable for some people I'm going to link to the dashboard in its unfinished/tested state. The dashboard will not work very well on anything but a computer. I would say the data is about 75 % correct. Please only use it as a rough guide. The file contains more up-to-date data, more data points and more companies.

Lastly I want to thank everyone who helped me with this, while I’m sad the dashboard didn’t eventuate, I’m glad for the people I got to meet throughout this process.